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If you're looking for a new home in New Britain, Connecticut, you can wander through the many furniture stores you need to visit to get the pieces you want. Rent - A - Center has all furniture in dA (c) cor style in every room, all under one roof, So that's no problem at all. From the artistically designed headboards to the beautiful and comfortable beds, I found what I needed to make my space feel like home.

Keep your home polished with life - proof rent - to - own furniture that you and your family can keep for long. Your furniture needs to stand out from the rest of the furniture at the Rent-A-Center in New Britain, Connecticut and across the country.

Learn how we can help you get the affordable furniture you've always wanted and make sure your dining room is ready for you. Find your room for rent - for your own food - at the Rent-A-Center in New Britain, Connecticut and around the country.

CosmoProf offers in-depth and product development training approved by manufacturers, as well as a wide range of products. To provide solutions for skin and body care, we have the highest quality products available in New Britain, Connecticut and across the country. Check out our selection of the best manufacturers that offer high quality skin care products for your skin, body and hair. Expand our range and services in your salon and contact us to find out how we can connect you with Cosmo Prof to take your salon business to the next level.

We give tips on how to keep up with seasonal beauty trends and help you plan and allocate space for your retail business. Our instructors provide tools and services for building businesses and organize special events to put you and your clients on the right path to success in the beauty industry.

Whatever style you choose, Rent-A-Center can help you find furniture in New Britain that will help you give your home the aesthetic you want. Check out our complete range of home accessories, from furniture and accessories to accessories, to get the look you want in a new home or feel more like home. Show your industry and impress your customers from the moment they enter your salon.

We have everything you need to provide your customers with a full service in our salon during your visit. We have a comprehensive range of hair care products and services for men and women of all ages, and we have an extensive selection of beauty products for women and men in New Britain. In addition, we offer all the necessary salon equipment to perform your hair, makeup, nails, hairdresser and other salon services.

Our product categories offer more than 25,000 products in stock for the types of customers our salon serves. Our take-home gift cards, free shipping and free returns allow our salons to expand their offering to improve their sales and promotional performance.

We don't want you to sacrifice quality to maximize your budget, so we offer flexible, bespoke payment plans that meet your needs. Whether you want to upgrade to a comfortable, affordable mattress for comfort in the bedroom or save gas and time with our only - Stop - Shop for affordable furniture, we have the luxury of adding elegance and style to any room at home. We make your salon elaborate and help you create a welcoming atmosphere with high-quality products for your home, office or office.

We offer a range of top brands including quality hair care products and color-treated hair products. We are the only place in New Britain Connecticut with a complete line of hair and makeup products and we are home to one of the best hair salons in the state of Connecticut.

We have identified at least three other people who have been found and we are working very hard to identify them, "New Britain state Attorney General Eric Wardwell said. One of the bodies belongs to Melanie D'Agostino, a Seymour mother of two who was 29 when she disappeared. The state's chief medical examiner has identified the remains and is evaluating the other bodies to identify them. Ward said Monday that investigators have found "at least four more bodies" in the past two weeks, but some of those remains have been buried for at least a decade.

The woman has not yet been identified, but police said she was killed in Hartford Road and ruled out a murder. Police did not say whether she was connected to anything other than the person who murdered her or simply buried her there. However, they revealed that the suspect is not Robert Honsch, who authorities say murdered his wife and 17-year-old daughter in 1995 and dumped the teenager's body in the mall.

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