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Governor Ned Lamont announced Wednesday that he would offer state aid to restaurants struggling to survive the coronavirus pandemic. The change of position marks a significant shift for the governor, who has previously rejected calls for state support for restaurants in New Britain after last year's outbreak. On Wednesday, Lamont reiterated his commitment to reducing restaurant capacity in response to increased infections, hospitalizations and deaths in neighboring New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

I think people will continue to come to these restaurants to get good food, and these places are places where people don't get away with an experience anywhere else, "Thiede said. Zappala said that one of the things that keeps restaurants open is the personal touch that prevents so many of COVID's 19 restrictions. I can only imagine the frustration of a restaurant that doesn't have a luxury parking lot, he said, but Pugliese says he hopes the restaurant will use its outdoor dining options in the winter months.

Other campaigns that received the grant were in the New Britain area, Mystic, Connecticut, and Norwich, New Hampshire. Among the selected campaigns was the promotion of tourism, as seen in Mystic. Norwich Mayor Peter Nystrom, for example, said the $25,000 would be used to combine restaurants with 40 walks around the city as part of a campaign called Passport to Norwich. One idea would have been that restaurants tailor their menus to the theme of certain trails, "Nystrom said.

The city is working with New London Landmarks to put up plaques at specific locations, including a plaque at the site of the former New Britain City Hall and a plaque at the corner of Main Street and North Street.

In addition to funding, Blumenthal was told that timely distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is also an important part of public confidence in the program so that viewers can one day return. Dagger said many questions for state officials concerned how to distribute the aid and how quickly it could get under way. We're making the video in a kind of PBS documentary style that we can then put on a digital platform, "said Amy Perry, Parks' chief executive.

If additional federal aid is available, Lamont described some of the aid being considered but gave no details. He did not say what form the aid would take, nor did he describe it in detail. Without help, the Warner Theatre in Torrington will struggle to stay afloat in the fall of 2021, "said Mark Lammons, operations director of the Centre for Mixed Performing Arts, which presents plays, concerts, shows and musicals, and offers courses and workshops.

The cost of closing is about $2,000 a month for cleaning products and other expenses, he said. Pavlos said he thought an ad campaign would help attract more people to the area. The county will use the money left over from 2019 that would otherwise go toward creating a brochure. Flynn said she thought such a campaign "would help promote our region and the broader arts community.

This year, the two organisations are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lyme Art Society with an exhibition of local artists and the history of the museum. She said the campaign would highlight the Museum of Natural History Walk of Fame exhibition on the so-called Millionaire's Triangle in Lyme. They wanted to strengthen cooperation and support each other, he said.

It helps bring Wesleyan students to the river to experience something that is often not possible in urban areas. Moran believes there is no guarantee the restaurants will stay open, a precaution that must be taken seriously. All seats must be completed by 9.30 p.m. for table service and all indoor meals are now at 50% capacity. Bar and night clubs must remain closed, except perhaps for the use of the bar for food service, and outdoor dining, barbecues and other outdoor events must be stopped.

To fund the grant, the district receives $400,000 a year from the Connecticut Department of Tourism. Blumenthal is also seeking government support from Lamont and state legislators, and advertising from two organizations will go to the restaurants and the state's Department of Economic and Community Development. He is pushing for a $1.5 million government grant for advertising and marketing and $500 in state tax credits.

They plan to create sandwiches, advertise in different newspapers, run mail ads, increase their presence on social media and plan more advertising in the local newspaper.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association reports that more than 600 restaurants have closed in the past eight months and warns that more may close in the coming weeks and months. Juthani described the meal time as a high-risk event and was so concerned that doctors asked Lamont to close the restaurant for indoor meals. Many other restaurants are in a valuable position, but Moran worries about whether they would make it through a pandemic. Lamont chose Monday to speak at his coronavirus briefing, and he is in contact with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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